Places where street racing is popular

Street racing is popular throughout the United States but especially in the climates that are warmer. From the time young people get their drivers license they are exposed to images in popular culture of street racing.  Where this is in movies such as the Fast and the Furious or for older people perhaps Miami Vice. The television shows show the excitement but do not always show the danger or the consequences of an accident and the medical bills.

The newspapers of California have articles on the subject of the races in that state. See their website.  Many arrests can be made for the street races and usually the police show up in high numbers to catch everyone who is participating in the races and even the spectators who come to watch but not to race themselves.  Though the street racing is never legal there are some people who do it more dangerously than other people.  Usually sensible people will make sure the street is empty and will enforce some sort of rules of discipline on the younger more reckless racers that exist in the group of contestants or participants. If the police come usually the street racers will try to leave the scene or will try pretend that they were just there to observe.  The vehicle parts that are required for racing can be expensive however you can save money on labor if you do the work yourself.   See here.  The parts should not be stolen as that can make a more serious crime out of the matter.

The racing is not as dangerous as other races.  The fastest races are in the Indianapolis 500.  Not in street racing in the United States. Like any competition, it is important for the contestants to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.  This is important that there is no cheating but also the older racers set a good example for younger racers. Many people like to have the cars that are fast but they do not like to race.  The image of the street racer is one that people copy. The people who race subject themselves to legal jeopardy if they exceed the speed limit.  In Saudi Arabia street racing has grown in popularity.  There are long stretches of open road in that country to facilitate the races. The government strictly prohibits and breaking of the law and the punishments can be different than the United States punishments.  This does not mean that the street racing are never done, however, as shown by the below video which shows two men driving too fast and drifting on a highway where other people are coming home from work for the day.  The identity of the drivers is unknown as is important because they could face punishment if caught.