Toystar - The Northstar V8 Toyota MR2blankNorthstar Toyota MR2

The Toystar V8 MR2- 1986 Toyota MR2 powered by a 1999 Cadillac Northstar V8.
Witness the building of the worlds first V8 powered Toyota MR2! Over 5000 digital images!

Project Details

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RSm - Meet the builders

The Project - Day by Day:
400mb+ worth of images!

Day 1 - Stripping the Caddy

Day 2 - Dropping the engine

Day 3 - Sub-Frame testing

Day 4 - Test fitting the engine

Day 5 & 6 - Shocks & Springs

Day 7 - Pumps and Mounts

Day 7.5 - El Cheapo Coilovers

Day 8 - Gluing the engine in

Day 9 - Engine mounts

Day 10 - Fenders & Hoods

Day 11 - Fuel tank & Mount

Day 12 - Bumper and Fender

Day 13 - Cooling System

Day 14 - Pipes and Springs

Day 15 - Parts & Pieces

Day 16 - Merge Collector

Day 17 - Oil & Suspension

Day 18 - Suspension work

Day 19 - Rear Braking

Day 20 - Belt and Hubs

Day 21 - Sub-Frame

Day 22 - Wiring Harness

Day 23 - TEC3 & ATC

Day 24 - Sub-Frame and TEC3

Day 25 - Gauge Panel

Day 26 - The roll cage arrives

Day 27 - Grinding

Day 28 - More parts delivered

Day 29 - Smoking 4 pot

Day 30 - Tubes and frames

Day 31 - Frame completed

Day 32 - Frame and stuff

Day 33 - Round things

Day 34 - Round things part 2

Day 35 - Up front round thangs

Day 36 - Steering is done

Day 37 - On all fours

Day 38 - Brakes & Battery

Day 39 - Brakes and Body Work

Day 40 - Getting back to the V8

Day 41 - Mail man arrives

Day 42 - RSe Dash complete

Day 43 - Starting the Exhaust

Day 44 - More exhaust part two

Day 45 - Odds and ends

Day 46 - Rain, rain, Go away!

Day 47 - Bazookas from hell

Day 48 - Drive shafts

Day 49 - Suspension

Day 50 - Firewalls

Day 51 - Timing is Everything!

Day 52 - Intake Manifold

Day 53 - Wiring and filter

Day 54 - Pulley Puller

Day 55 - Finishing the Muffler

Day 56 - Shifter

Day 57 - Shifter 2

Day 58 - Shifter 3

Day 59 - Painting the engine bay

Day 60 - Coils and wiring

Day 61 - Plug wires & hose

Day 62 - Firewalls

Day 63 - Final Goodbye

Day 64 - Raining Cats & Cogs

Day 65 - more rain

Day 66 - Putting it back together

Day 67 - Front end and Fuel

Day 68 - Firewalls & Interiors

Day 69 - Engine installed

Day 70 - More wires

Day 71 - even more wires

Day 72 - Hell ya!

Day 73 - Overheating

Day 74 - Engine Brace + vid

Day 75 - Seats and Buttons

Day 76 - Injectors

Day 77 - Brakes again

Day 78 - Boy Wonder

Day 79 - Hubs and Fuel

Day 80 - New Digs

Day 81 - Pulling the lump

Day 82 - WolfKatz Fuel Rail Build

Day 83 - Broken Arrow

Day 84 - Tools & Urethane

Day 85 - WolfKatz Fuel Rail #2

Day 86 - No pictures! Please!

Day 87 - Front Spoiler

Day 88 - WolfKatz Fuel Rail #3

Day 89 - Seats, batteries and stuff

Day 90 - Fuel System

Day 91 - Fuel rail test & seats

Day 92 - New rear hubs

Day 93 - Boost and Parts

Day 94 - Turbo Work

Day 95 - Road Trip!!

Day 96 - Engine Teardown

Day 97 - Head

Day 98 - Front End

Day 99 - Packages Arrive

Day 100 - Installing Radiator

Day 101 - Completed Rear

Day 102 - Vacation

Day 103 - Widebody Building

Day 104 - A new beginning

Day 105 - The Krylon Returns

Day 106 - MyRaq by Quaife

Day 107 - Chassis Prep

Day 108 - Painting

Day 109 - Suspension

Day 110 - Odds & Ends

Day 111 - Radiator Install

Day 112 - Dummy engine build

Day 113 - Many days of work

Day 114 - 3 Years

Day 115 - Engine + Trans

Day 116 - Mounts

Day 117 - Strut Clearance

Day 118 - Moving cars

Day 119 - Happy New Year!

Day 120 - More welding

Day 121 - Welding Water Log


The Northstar V8 MR2
The Northstar V8 MR2

Nate Forsberg drew a picture of the Toystar today. I absolutely loved it!

I added some text, and now this will be the official Toystar image! Click the image for a larger view.

So what is a Northstar V8?

The Toystar V8 MR2 by Nate Forsberg
The Northstar V8 engine family is General Motor's top-of-the-line luxury power plant. Introduced in 1993 in the Cadillac Allante, Eldorado and Seville STS, the 4.6L 32-valve dual overhead cam all-aluminum V8 engine was a quantum leap forward for U.S. automakers. Initially rated at 295 horsepower, the Northstar V8 has been ranked as one of the "10 Best Engines in North America" by Ward's Auto World. It also beat out both Mercedes-Benz and BMW in horsepower per liter of displacement, fuel economy and required maintenance (in the 1990s).
Northstar cams

So why the first generation MR2?

Because it is the best MR2 of the three generations. It is lightweight, nimble, and mainly because I have a yard full of them. Weighing in at 2500 pounds fully loaded, this 1986 Toyota MR2 will be an absolute monster with over 350 horsepower sitting in the back seat!

With a world full of boy racer front wheel drive cars with screaming 4 bangers, and raunchy sounding 40 year old technology mounted in Camaros and Firebirds I thought it was time to merge the Japanese car that helped start the import trend with one of Americas 10 Best Engines ever! Strip the multi-cam, multi-valve 4.6 liter aluminum engine of all of it's luxury items, such as A/C, power Steering, the quiet exhaust system and the huge 3-phase Alternator and you have a monster motor just looking to play with some unsuspecting motorists.

I don't drag race. But I can learn. I road race a 1986 Toyota MR2, the Krylon Special Lite. The first generation MR2 is my specialty. I know every single nut and bolt on these cars. I know the weaknesses, I know the what the car can take.

Now some have said the engine weighs a ton. In actuality it weighs less than 500 pounds fully loaded. It is only a few pounds more than a fully built 3S-GTE.

Click here to see the CarTest2000 Dyno run

Why use am I using an automatic gearbox? Because it was there. I could use the Pontiac Fiero Getrag 4-speed or 5-speed. But then my wife can't drive the car. Plus I am getting older. I am over 40 years old now. I am supposed to drive automatics now. It will just be more fun telling the kids I just smacked that he got beat by an automatic 4-speed.

Speaking of gearboxes, this slush box is programmable. What else can be said of that? It learns how I drive, and adjusts to my style of driving, which my wife's says is either floored or braking hard. I don't think she knows what she is talking about.

So why am I doing this?

Back in 2002 the Racing Strong Motorsports and MR2 Owners Club web sites were reviewed in Sports Compact Car. They made mention of the fact that we were discussing tossing in a SHO V8 into one of my spare MR2s. There are a couple of SHO V6 powered MK1 MR2s, but I wanted something that would scare the pants on the Yo-Boyz. Well SCC stated I needed to quit talking about it and just do it. Well it was not that easy. I live in the middle of nowhere. Out in the boonies. Red necks surround me. It is not like where I grew up the the 60s and 70s (Mira Mesa, San Diego, California). This is the real country. No new stuff out here, unless you have a ton of cash. I work for the State of Virginia, have 4 kids ranging from 19 years to 2 years old. So finding these new fangled engines was not on my priority list. Until I opened the hood of the cadillac at my local junk yard!

So here it is. The worlds first Toyota MR2 with a V8 that is designed for street use. There was one tube framed Le Manns racer MK2 MR2. But that was never designed for public roads. Mine is! I want to rule the world with this engine. 500 horsepower is just a few thousand dollars away. Put that in a 2300 (goal weight at end of project) pound go kart and the torque alone should stop the world from spinning!

Follow this project

The left hand column displays each day that we do something. Because of family, work, and weather issues, I mainly do work on the weekends. So check back. Also please look at my sponsors web sites. They have great products not only for MR2s but for many others both foreign and domestic.

Bookmark this page please. Send me email if you have questions. If you have products that look like a match for our project please let me know!

Project update: September 2006

I learned a lot putting the Toystar together. Mainly on what not to do. So we have started the project over. Using the race car chassis, the Krylon Special, everything from the red chassis is being brought over. The new chassis will be built as a Hill Climb race car. Light and powerfull we will be racing in the unlimited class against ex-Indy cars, SUVs with NASCAR engines and extreme exotics with huge horse power.

The Krylon Special has been seen in Savage Land Pictures "Apotheosis". This car has quite a history included a failed 5-star hotel parking lot engine swap, the chase car used in the film that almost got me banned from my own message board, and loads of awesome high speed videos that are on the underground of the interweb.

Thank you.

Bill Strong
Owner & Admin - The MR2 Owners Club Message Board
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